The Isthmus of Panama rose from the sea millions of years ago. To this day, Panama’s size and ideal location between two seas make it a unique opportunity to enjoy nature, wildlife, nightlife, food and one of the most incredible engineering feats in history. The Panama Canal, Bocas del Toro Archipelago, the Barú Volcano National Park and the cosmopolitan/colonial pirate mix that makes Panama a delight for foodies and history buffs alike.
Our experiences include, hiking, diving, kayaking, nature-watching and even flying over this amazing country where so much can be done in one day! Naturally sophisticated Panama is fast becoming the hot destination for those who are passionate about travel.


Dream Yoga Retreat in Panama

The forests, oceans and mountains of Panama provide an unreal background for a Yoga retreat. The intense recuperation of physical and mental exercise, surrounded by natural, historical and cultural wonders cannot be beat. Come on this unique experience and pamper body, mind and soul while you stretch your limits in the Isthmus of Panama.
7 Days
Ahead, Dabbler, Fair

Panama Sail and Land Discovery

Balboa used this route to discover the Pacific Ocean for Spain’s monarch. Miners would use it to reach California’s Gold Rush. Our ship will travel to the Panamanian islands of Contadora and then cross back to meet the Embera Indians, as natural today as they were 600 years ago. Our trip includes a passage through the Panama Canal, something Balboa could not have imagined! A crew of ten has been carefully selected and trained to ensure the perfect journey for up to
7 Days
Ahead, Dabbler, Skilled

The Golden Pathway & Beyond

In the 17th century, at the height of the Spanish Empire, the Isthmus of Panama was part of the route taken to transport goods and gold from Asia and Peru to Europe. This experience covers this route and its modern-day version, the Panama Canal. Pirate stories and native legends illustrate this trip, full of color, nature and history.
7 Days
Dabbler, Fair