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To Travel Is To Accept Adventure

To travel is to accept adventure

I used to travel on a weekly basis to St. Louis, Missouri for work. More often than not, I would fly in, go to meetings, have dinner and sleep. I would do this all over again the next day. However, thanks to that, I also heard great blues, saw the Cardinals win and ate the best ribs in the world. I realize now that travel, any travel is, to paraphrase Forrest Gump, “like a box of chocolates, You never know what you’re going to get.”

The lodgings at Wadi Rum


The wildebeest lead the charge in the Great Migration across Tanzania.

I also realized the value of boarding a plane, car, train, boat or motorcycle with a sense of adventure because you’ll “never know what you’re going to get.” Not too long ago, people would never stray more than fifty miles from their place of birth during their lifetime. They still managed to create life stories and beautiful narratives.

Monk approaching the beautiful Angkor Wat temple in the Cambodian jungle.

Today, we are blessed by technology and are able to go anywhere we please and tell stories about these trips, for business or pleasure, in real time for the world to share. I think about this as I reflect on the experiences I have had with others, riding horseback with water up to my neck in the Colombian Llanos, riding a motorcycle through west Texas, or sitting in the rain in the Australian outback. These are just some of the experiences I have enjoyed as a result of my wanderlust.

When traveling, I will use a phrase by Carlos Macotela of Petra Vertical: “The first step in an adventure is to say yes.” You never know what you’re going to get: the new food, the amazing view, the sights and sounds of a different city. Try thinking about that and you will find it makes it so much easier to say yes to adventure.

So, here’s a bucket list for you:

Hiking on the ice in Iceland.

The Great Migration in Tanzania

Caving and swimming in Chiapas

The jungle and Angkor Wat in Cambodia

The ruins of Bonampak in Chiapas

Camping with the Bedouin in Wadi Rum, Jordan

The cliff-built monasteries of Meteora in Greece


Ok, it’s my travel list for the next few years. What’s on yours?


Carlos Muñoz

Carlos designs custom travel experiences. Believing life is about the journey ,Carlos is committed to improving people’s lives through travel.

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