Known to many as “the long necks” these women are actually a sub group of the Karen tribe called Padang. The Karen are not Thai, they are refugees from Myanmar therefor they are not recognized by the local government as citizens. As refugees they are restricted to any work outside of the tribe and deprived

Saigon, it’s always Saigon. Never Ho Chi Minh City, a name forced on the city after the war by the victorious Viet Cong.  In a country with a median age of 28, most people don’t remember or care to think about “the American War.”  In Saigon it’s all about the hustle, and making money.  To

I see myself as an experienced rider and am always amazed with how every riding experience is different and enlightening. Last October’s six-day adventure in Colombia was no exception. We started out with a pre-dawn meeting in Bogotá. My co-riders were from Spain, England and several places in Colombia. By the time the sun came up we