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Soul Of The Porteño-Buenos Aires

Soul of the Porteño-Buenos Aires

What’s not to love about Buenos Aires? It’s glamorous, bohemian, playful and exciting. Few cities offer so much to the traveler. The long flight (it’s about 11 hours) is so worth it. Buenos Aires is not spotless but those blemishes tell so many stories in a beautiful city like this one.

The huge rubber trees in Plaza Francia sprawl over the sidewalk.

Quino, the creator of Mafalda, a cartoon character that has enriched the lives of young and old all around Latin America is honored here. Mafalda and her scrappy group of neighborhood friends continue to frolic in Palermo.

La Boca, home to the infamous Boca Junior stadium, La Bombonera and the restaurant El Obrero. You cannot go wrong here. You can also enjoy the street tango sensuality in Caminito.

Buenos Aires opens its doors for seekers of love, light and adventure.


Carlos Muñoz

Carlos designs custom travel experiences. Believing life is about the journey ,Carlos is committed to improving people’s lives through travel.

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