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Some Friends Went To Hawaii And Brought Me A Jar Of Guava Jam

Some friends went to Hawaii and brought me a jar of guava jam

I was delighted to plan a Hawaiian adventure for two honeymooners this month. This was a very well traveled couple and Hawaii was one of the few places around the world they had not been to. Keen to deliver a unique experience we combined elements or nature, activity and culture. They stayed at an eco-retreat that was designed with the highest ecological standards. Anything to minimize the carbon footprint.

They went up Haleakala volcano and biked down. They toured a pineapple farm. They snorkeled in the Molokini crater. They visited the leper colony site in Molokai and most of all, enjoyed the magic and beauty of Maui.

It’s a pleasure to design something special for special people.

Oh, they loved it and brought me a jar of amazing guava jam!

Carlos Muñoz

Carlos designs custom travel experiences. Believing life is about the journey ,Carlos is committed to improving people’s lives through travel.

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