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Salvador And Atins: Two Great Reasons To Do Brazil

Salvador and Atins: two great reasons to do Brazil

Gorgeous cobbled streets in Salvador

The new and the traditional.

Flying towards northeastern Brazil, we encounter two marvelous places: the culturally-rich and picturesque city of Salvador and the Lençois Maranhenses. Salvador is the capital of Bahia; with its beautiful Pelourinho neighborhood and folklore rooted in Africa. In this place we will be able to walk the streets as well as see the sacred dances of Candomblé; “puxada de rede” a song by fishermen in honor of Yemanja, the goddess of the sea; maculelê, a stick and sword dance acrobatics with its origins in the cane fields; capoeira, a martial art/dance of Angolan origin and the samba de roda, a spinning, a version of this exuberant national dance. A plane ride away we arrive at Sao Luis de Maranhao.

Capoeira on the streets of Pelorinho area, Salvador de Bahia, Bahia State, Brazil.

Nestled between the dunes of the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, the delta of the Rio Preguiças, a little contributory creek (Igarapé), and the Atlantic Ocean’s coastline, Atins is a place of pure tranquility and simple life bliss. Given its unique setting people also like to refer to it as ‘the island’, and it certainly feels like one.

Removed from the hurried world of civilization, Atins offers endless dunes, sandy beaches as far as the eye can see, warm shallow waters, swaying palm trees and a constant, soothing sea breeze. A destination for the adventurous traveller, Atins is the ideal base camp from where to explore the famous Lençóis Maranhenses due to its immediate access to both the park and the sea.

Hammocks for everyone at Convento Arcádia!

Convento Arcádia is set in half a hectare full of coconut palms, a grove of cashew trees, and carved into the bend of a sand dune. In less than 30 feet you will find yourselves at the beach or in the nearest restaurant. The architecture of the Convento Arcádia is carefully developed to be in harmony with its surroundings and provide for a unique and cosy atmosphere. Its outdoors kitchen is designed for dinner parties to the sound of the sea and the wind, large verandas provide ample shaded space to relax and kick back with a good read in one of the many hammocks.


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