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Finding Treasures In London

Finding Treasures in London

I met with some talented folk from the London art scene. They are running a treasure hunt through the city for children. What a fabulous way to get to know the city! It goes like this:

The guide (who has been specifically trained in the subject from a kid-friendly approach) gives each child a bag, a disposable camera and their first clues. The children follow the clues, picking up more clues and prizes on the way.

They come upon the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, the Tube and everything else the city has to offer, all the while taking pictures of themselves and their friends on the treasure hunt.

Once the hunt is over, the winner gets a first prize and all the children get prints of the pictures they took to start a scrapbook of their adventure.

Oh, and some of the parents come along, so the experience is multi-generational. This is truly a wonderful way to make London come to life for your kids. If you like what you’ve read, contact us @ 1-888-464-2797 or

Carlos Muñoz

Carlos designs custom travel experiences. Believing life is about the journey ,Carlos is committed to improving people’s lives through travel.

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