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The Chihuahua-Pacific Railroad or Chepe, as it is known, is an engineering marvel and a grand travel experience. The railroad takes travelers on a daily basis from Chihuahua to Los Mochis, on the Sinaloa Coast. Once the dream of a nineteenth century American entrepreneur, today’s Chepe is an elegant transportation system that links some of the most beautiful spots in the world across La Barranca del Cobre (Copper Canyon). Aside from its 86 tunnels and 175 bridges, the natural diversity of this route covers desert canyons, forested mountains and rivers. The route is also an opportunity to meet the diversity of peoples along the route, from the proud Tarahumaras to the industrious, traditionalist Mennonites.


The forests of San Juanito, the coldest place in Mexico, with temperatures sometimes reaching -9ºF.

Mennonite communities and their amazing cheese.

The back and forth bridge and tunnel deflection at El Lazo.

History of the Mexican Revolution.

Tarahumara people and culture.

The view at Divisadero, encompassing a canyon complex 4 times the size of the Grand Canyon.


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