8 Days
Ahead, Dabbler

According to the Happy Planet Index, Costa Rica is in the top 3 of the happiest countries in the world. Why wouldn’t they? In Costa Rica you can experience 12 volcanoes vast cloud forests, home to hundreds of bird species, includingthe sacred Quetzal and re-energize yourself in amazing waterfalls and hot springs. There’s so much to love about Costa Rica, the Western Hemisphere’s eco-friendly poster child. It’s probably why people here live longer, smarter and cleaner than anywhere else. No wonder Costa Ricans greets each other with a Pura Vida (Pure Life). 


Enjoy laid-back San José.

Walk through forests and along rivers the color of the sky.

Step on the lava rocks of Costa Rica’s only active volcano.

Wonder at monkeys, sloths, fish and hundreds of bird species in their natural habitat.

Watch the sea turtles as they nest or leave for the ocean.

Bask in the rivers, waterfalls and thermal springs of Arenal National Park.



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