10 Days
Pro, Skilled

Travelling on strong Anglo/Arabian horses, this six-day journey is an unbelievable blend of history, nature and thrills for the riding enthusiast.

Between the 16th and 19th century, Spanish conquistadores traveled through prosperous indigenous civilizations from Venezuela to Santa Fe, creating the most fabulous empire of the time. In the 19th century, local criollos fought for independence from Spain- successfully. 

WanderThemes retraces this journey between two of South America’s most beautiful and storied towns. 


Stretch your riding skills with the guarantee of utmost safety under the direction of internationally renowned English/French/Spanish speaking endurance riders.

Ride through the mountains, taking in the locations of some of the Colombian Independence War’s most significant battles.

Discover small towns that keep their colonial 400-years old architectures intact.

Cool off in the pools of 180-foot waterfalls at Juan Curi.

Sleep in luxurious Haciendas, under one of the most extraordinary equatorial skies.

Reward yourself after a day’s ride with impeccably prepared local delicacies.

Walk through the UNESCO World Heritage town of Barichara, learning about its history, lore and scenery.



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