7 Days
Ahead, Dabbler

Roam the mountains and towns of Colombia’s Región Cafetera (Coffee Region). In 2011, UNESCO included this region of Colombia in their World Heritage List.

The mountains tell the story of towns, rivers, wax palms and an attitude towards life that is both hard-working and laid back.

Nature, this resilience and unbound optimism influence the architecture, food, language and crafts of Colombia’s Cultural Coffee Landscape. In a cup of coffee, you will taste way of life and a love for things well done.


Hike the jungle and experience the traditional yipaos (Willys Jeeps) locals have used to move their wares since the ‘40’s.

Follow the coffee bean from plant to cup and delight your senses with a unique tasting experience.

Hike the trails in the cloud forest, home to over 600 bird species, many of them endemic. You may even see a Condor!

Walk through streets lined with colorful architecture. Where windows are there to socialize and you work on the first floor.



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