7 Days
Ahead, Dabbler, Fair

If you needed proof that Mexico is a magical place, the Huasteca Potosina is it. Located in the highlands of San Luis Potosí, this region has enthralled travellers for centuries. The Huasteca is not your usual Mexican vacation. It is filled with awe-inspiring waterfalls, beautiful forests and rivers and this experience brings it together beautifully. It is six days tubing, diving, swimming, hiking and rappelling. We guarantee you will fall in love with the Huasteca. The British poet and supporter of the surrealist movement, Edward James arrived in this region in the 1940’s. He became so inspired by the forests in Xilitla, that he sold his art collection and spent $5,000,000 building a house and a series of garden sculptures in the middle of the jungle. A visit to this place perfectly encapsulates the impression the Huasteca made on this  unusual patron of the arts:

You, through the trees, shall hear them, long after the end

calling me beyond the river. For the cries of birds

continue, as – defended by the cortege of their wings –

my soul among strange silences yet sings.

—Edward James, Poet 1907 – 1984


Cliff-diving and rappelling into the river.

Tubing trip down the El Salto.

The El Tamul Waterfall.

Surrealist Xilitla Gardens-Las Pozas



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