10 Days
Ahead, Dabbler

Magical realism was born on the northern coast of Colombia. Guajira and Tayrona’s natural and cultural diversity are filled with unforgettable moments. 

Magical describes this trip. It’s a voyage of discovery from desert to jungle (it changes in a bat of an eye) and the opportunity to experience a remarkable lifestyle. You will stand at the road’s end on Punta Gallinas, South America’s northernmost point. The Kogui and the Wayúu will teach you many things: from how to sleep in a hammock to the way they treat themselves and others according to their traditions of love and respect for nature.  Come and share magnificent beaches, deserts, mountains and rivers of incredible colors with two of the most interesting native cultures in America. Beautiful boutique hotels in each environment will provide the comfort to relax after an experience that is impossible to forget.  Guajira and Tayrona are two of WanderThemes’ favorite destinations.


Watch the sunset from an unspoiled beach you reached in a traditional boat

Wander the mangrove jungles and beaches of the Tayrona Natural Park.

Local guides, who know and love their region deeply.

Take in the ocean view from your hammock in Punta Gallinas, Guajira.

Live among indigenous groups that few outsiders interact with.

Walk and swim on magnificent beaches and visit the site of the pre-Columbian Tayrona civilization.

View the snowy peaks of Pico Colón and Pico Bolívar from the top of a tropical mountain.



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