12 Days
Pro, Skilled

This is a journey to the heart of Colombia. At an average speed of 25-35 mph, it is a ride through some of the Andes’ highest mountains and canyons, experiencing altitudes ranging from 3,500 feet to 11,000 feet with temperatures as high as 85 ºF and as low as 41ºF. The route will take you through centuries old Spanish colonial towns and villages, as well as modern, 21st century cities like Bogotá and Medellín. When somebody said, “life isn’t around the corner, it is the corner,” they were thinking of riding the Colombian Andes.


Mixed terrain: 80% paved, 20% off-road

Barichara, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Expert, good-humored motorcycle tour guides.

Spend the night in boutique hotels and hotels with great history.

Chicamocha Canyon.

Medellín, a transformation success story.

Changing landscape, from mountains to deserts and valleys.

Amazing food options in each region.



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