8 Days
Ahead, Dabbler, Skilled

In Colombia, the horse is part of the local culture. Most of the country is rural land, so there are beautiful natural sceneries and amazing open spaces to ride. Horse riding is also associated to things Colombians love: having fun with your friends, great food, the outdoors and undying respect for the animal. The Sabana de Bogotá, Colombia’s largest plateau is at 27,000 feet and the temperature year-round is 60ºF, making it the ideal temperature for long-distance rides. Ride along the cliffs of Ubaté, the milk cattle fields and barns, and haciendas or ranches that are 400 years old.

This experience is a 5-day horse ride among these haciendas, capturing life as it was long ago while tackling challenging hills and forests to finally reach colonial Villa de Leyva, a city founded in 1572.  This is a ride to love in a one of a kind experience.


Riding to the top of the cliffs of Ubaté, 8,300 feet above sea level.

Criollo horses (quarter-mile mix).

Expert, good-humored trail guides.

Spend the night in 3 beautifully restored colonial haciendas with great history.

Paso fino horse exhibition.

Changing landscape, from country roads to pine filled forests and desert.

Villa de Leyva, beautiful colonial town.

Unforgettable evenings and fabulous local and international food. Vegetarian and vegan options.



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