10 Days
Ahead, Fair, Pro

This is pure riding authenticity. The Colombian Cultural Landscape is a region shaped by a hard working culture. Over a 100 years ago, these brave men, enabled by their horses and mules, broke through the mountains and colonized one of the most beautiful places in the Andes.

Venture into this world on tough, reliable pack/cattle horse mixes. Obedient and sure-footed, they will make your journey through mountains, field and villages a marvelous experience. During the trip you will stay in real coffee plantations and experience the whole process from seed to cup!


Ride through coffee plantations.

Horse and pack mule experience.

Expert, good-humored trail guides.

Spend the night in beautifully restored coffee haciendas with great history.

Wax palm trees. The tallest palm trees in the world.

Delicious local cuisine and the world’s best coffee!

Salento and Filandia, beautiful coffee towns.

Unforgettable evenings of food and drink.



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