8 Days
Pro, Skilled

As far back as the 17th century, cattlemen took the Old Almeidas Road from the Eastern Plains (Llanos Orientales) to the highland colonial capital of Santa Fé de Bogotá. 

This 5-day WanderThemes riding experience retraces the Old Almeidas Road, starting at 8,900 feet and descending to 1,300 feet in the Llanos of  Casanare. The beautifully preserved road changes climate three times, surrounded by stunning scenery and wildlife in mountains, jungles and plains. A day of cattle ranch work and the traditional Colombian plains barbecue, ends the journey.


Experienced/skilled riders for this trip


Stretch your equestrian skills with the guarantee of utmost safety under the guidance of internationally renowned English/French/Spanish speaking endurance riders.

Ride Anglo-Arabian horses through 19th century towns and villages

Take in spectacular terrain and views as you ride from the Andean highlands (8,900 feet) to the Plains of the Orinoco Basin (1,300 feet).

Relax in hot springs and refreshing pools after a day’s ride.

Live the llanero culture, through their food and music. Spend a night in a hammock at the cattle ranch.



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