The Akha Hill Tribe people find themselves fighting to sustain their way of life in a time of consumerism and destruction of the natural environment while living in the mountain border zones of 3 countries: Thailand, Myanmar, Laos. The Akha in Thailand came from Burma. The first Akha hill tribe village in Thailand was probably established

Known to many as “the long necks” these women are actually a sub group of the Karen tribe called Padang. The Karen are not Thai, they are refugees from Myanmar therefor they are not recognized by the local government as citizens. As refugees they are restricted to any work outside of the tribe and deprived

La-Nah my elephant thought it was really funny to dunk while crossing the river and then come up and splash me. Spending time with the elephants and the Mahouts is something I will never forget. I will be leaving a piece of my heart in Chiang Rai, Thailand. Bob’s elephant forgot Bob was on his